I believe that everyone has a dream.
And of course I have that too.
But I always wonder, whether I can????
Every day I'm confused, what should I do to reach my dreams.
Could I? Could I? Could I?
But I remember. that I have a ALLAH that never sleeps and always listening to my prayers.

as it says in the AL- Qur'an at Ash-Syarh سورة الشرح verses 5 & 6

فإن مع العسر يسرا

5. For verily after hardship comes ease,

إن مع العسر يسرا

6. verily after hardship comes ease

So,  I have to be optimistic that I will be what I want, after I try hard, try hard again and again.
and I believe I can do it.
Don't despair and never give up!
Therefore, I must be able to pursue my dream.
because I believe, that after I try hard for sure be able to reach my dream.
Fightiiiiiiinnngg!!!! :D

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